About us

99.7 FM KPJM-LP “THE BRIDGE” was co-founded by Pamela R Newman and Michael J Day. The mission of our new non-profit community radio station is to provide anti-addiction and anti-violence education to help keep our community’s children from entering into destructive behaviors, and to also help those who are caught in those traps and trying to find the way to get out.

If you agree our agenda is a worthy cause, we request that you join the KPJM-LP team by making tax deductible donations, or by becoming an underwriting sponsor and show support for our community efforts and quality radio broadcasting. For more information to find out how you can make tax deductible donations, or become an underwriter or sponsor, feel free to contact us at KPJM-LP or you can donate to our cause by clicking on the PAYPAL button on our website.